Inspiration: Anna Wintour


There are six people I’m inspired by (outside of family): Eric Carl, the artist.  Ted Geisel, the poet.  Walt Disney, the dreamer.  Ginger Rogers, the beauty.  Ebby Halliday, the visionary.  And Anna Wintour the decision maker.  I think if you blend the personalities of these six people into one person you would get exactly what I strive to be.  

Anna Wintour is the most misunderstood person on my short list.   She’s on my short list because:

She makes decisions.

Even the tough ones.  

Because of her influence the next time someone asks me what I want for dinner or whether or not I like the tulips or the orchids I won’t shrug and say “I donno, what do you think?”  I’ll make a decision.  If I make a habit of decisiveness I can have a powerful influence on the world around me.  That is what I learned from Anna Wintour and why I admire her so much. 


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