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I’m getting really bad about procrastinating.  Lately the only thing I don’t put off is putting off something.    It’s noon.  Insted of taking care of my report due by midnight tomorrow or working on any of my other work I’m blogging.  If I had blogging on my to do list I’d probably skip it to work on my reports.  My to do list is becoming the place where goals go to die.  Why?  I don’t know. 

Procrastinators to-do list

  • Learn how to paint with adobe illustrator
  • Finish report for work
  • Finish presentation for work
  • Fold laundry in white hamper
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Wash car
  • Finish portfolio
  • schedule dentist appointment
  • Reorder Contacts
  • Look at butterflys
  • Make a fish face
  • Eat an unneccessary snack
  • Make a flower out of paperclips
  • Staple two post-it notes together
  • twirl in chair
  • Make list of things I’m going to do tomorrow
  • Fold list into paper airplane
  • Toss in trash
  • Design a more efficient paper airplane
  • Retoss
  • Play solitaire
  • Read horoscope
  • Cut snowflake out of copy paper

Tomorrow I will be more efficient.


The Art of Optimism


Some days (like today) I wake up and realize I’m limited by my own mind.   As I go throughout my day I accomplish nothing.  Because I don’t see potential.  Why bother?  I will probably fail.  Why make the bed?  It’s going to get messy.  Why stick to my personal commitments?  1 coke doesn’t make a difference.  Why write?  Nobody reads.  Why try hard at work?  It’ll be the same work tommorow.

William DeWitt Hyde wrote The art of optimism as taught by Robert Browning.  It’s a 33 pg pick me up that doesn’t change my circumstances.  It just reaches down and realigns my thoughts like a mental chiropractor.  

Mr DeWitt Hyde (may he live in noble immortality) is hereby formally added to my short list of inspirational people for his positive 33pg contribution to my life.

Revised Short List:

1. Eric Carl, the artist. 
2. Ted Geisel, the poet. 
3. Walt Disney, the dreamer. 
4. Ginger Rogers, the beauty. 
5. Ebby Halliday, the visionary. 
6. Anna Wintour, the decision maker. 
7. William DeWitt Hyde, the optimist.

Characters are my thing


We had family in town this weekend.   We started talking about dreams and plans for our future over dinner. 

My husband said, “we have a lot of ideas, we just don’t know which one to go with.”  
My grandpa replied, “If one sticks around for a long time it’s probably a good one.”  

So I went home and pulled out a sharpie and a bunch of acrylic paint…

(this is an old man trying to figure out how to work a camera)

These characters have been around as long as I could draw a circle… old… young… blonde… brunette … fat … skinny… grumpy…  etc.  In every medium… pencil… pen… crayon… colored pencil… chalk… digital… marker… paint… construction paper, on the back of spiral notebooks, etc.  I’ve even used magazine clippings (skin & dress below).

After popping these out one after the next I’m starting to think this might be my “thing.”   And not just my bored thing.  This could be my real THING-thing!  It’s my construction paper epiphony.  I’m not going to quit my day job but I’m probably going to buy some more paint.

**** (pics taken a cell phone.  The colors would probably pop more if I scanned them).

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I have been trying new recipes from the this month’s issue of Real Simple magazine.  Last night we ate curried chicken.  Tonight we’re eating the creamy chicken and biscuits.  I can’t wait to get home.   Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Chipotle Beef Tacos
Curried Chicken
Creamy Chicken With Biscuits
Asian Pork
White Bean Soup
Spinach and ricotta lasagna

I’m a Draggin’


For the most part I’m a princess.  I’m girly,  I sneeze sparkles, I whistle while I work, I love the color pink, I love shiny things, everyone is beautiful, I live in a castle with a handsome prince happily ever after and it makes me happy to hear birds sing.  

Today I’m a draggin’.  Birds give me a headache.   I want to eat the handsome prince.   My skin is blotchy.  I want to go back to my cave and sleep.  I have fire in my tummy.  And I don’t really care about favorite colors.  I’m just trying not to open my mouth & engulf everything in flames.  Some people call it PMS… I prefer dragon.