Theories about the Future


I have a lot of theories about the future and no place to put them.  So here they go:

  • I think if everything changes to solar energy environmentalists will worry that we’re draining the sun
  • I think if they make a perfect replica of your brain and power it up, it will think it is you
  • I think printed books will be worth a fortune in 200 years
  • Buttons, dials, wires and screens on electronics will be obsolete in my lifetime (ie touch screen, wireless, etc.).
  • Dogs will soon be intelligent enough to interpret human symbols on their own (ie. reading F-o-o-d = food)
  • I think we’ll discover that nobody really dies.  I think this will be common knowledge like the world is round one day.  For example, Thelma will always be alive in 1892 even though you’re in 2011.  Just like everyone in Maine still exists even though you’ve already driven through and are presently in Connecticut. The real problem is that nobody knows how to steer the car back to maine (ie. 1892) once we’re in Connecticut (ie. 2011). 
  • ADHD is not a mental illness.  I think children without hyperactive brains will fall behind in futuristic classrooms. 
  • I think we’ll discover the secret to life in water
  • My generation will elect pop stars and humanitarians into office over lawyers and war heroes.
  • I think when we figure out dark matter we’ll stop looking for the higgs boson.
  • I think one day we’ll have sunglasses with internet access and GPS
  • I don’t think the world will end in 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends.  Either A. nothing will happen and we’ll all live or B.  I’m kind of hoping some professor somewhere will have a time travel break through.  12/21/12 is as good of a day as any to wish for that.  Maybe instead of succeeding we open some sort of Pandora’s box and forever change time.
  • I think humans are still operating off of a primitive set of survival instincts that’s why we can be so violent toward each other and irrational.  In the future we’ll evolve to grow increasingly empathetic and we’ll make decisions using different systems of thought in stressful situations.
  • In the next 1,000 years global travel will be as instantaneous as data transfer
  • Eating meat will be the new wearing fur and being a vegetarian will be trendy in the next 500 years
  • The next generation will be an inch taller (on average) than mine and will buy gold jewelry over silver & white gold.
  • Genetically modifying the Melanin in our skin will be popular in the distant future and a useful way to protect against skin cancer.  This will snowball into other skin modification technologies like a warm-blooded adaptation of chromatophore.  Human chromatophore would be very cool.  You could be a wall flower… literally and you could be invisible from space.
  • “Aliens” aren’t aliens from another planet, they’re human aliens from the future who traveled back in time for scientific purposes & historic data collection. 
  • I think electronic devices could be powered by human energy (painlessly) in the future.   Holding it in your hand could repower it like a phone charger mat.  And doing that will burn calories. 
  • I think the rise in cancer is due to technology & a genetically modified diet
  • I think cancer treatment centers are so profitable the pharmaceutical industry will stall a release of a comprehensive cancer vaccine.  I think that’s why “the cause” is geared toward raising money for a cure and not for prevention.  My theory is we can already prevent it.  It’s just not as profitable as curing it. 
  • I think they will come out with a solar paint for homes and vehicles and it will become extremely popular once it’s able to generate enough power for the device to be self-sufficient (ie. an electric vehicle that can power up without ever fueling up or plugging in).
  • Organizations will be more influential than nation-states
  • Industries will be more influential than organizations
  • Global brand names will be more influential than international political organizations

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