Characters are my thing


We had family in town this weekend.   We started talking about dreams and plans for our future over dinner. 

My husband said, “we have a lot of ideas, we just don’t know which one to go with.”  
My grandpa replied, “If one sticks around for a long time it’s probably a good one.”  

So I went home and pulled out a sharpie and a bunch of acrylic paint…

(this is an old man trying to figure out how to work a camera)

These characters have been around as long as I could draw a circle… old… young… blonde… brunette … fat … skinny… grumpy…  etc.  In every medium… pencil… pen… crayon… colored pencil… chalk… digital… marker… paint… construction paper, on the back of spiral notebooks, etc.  I’ve even used magazine clippings (skin & dress below).

After popping these out one after the next I’m starting to think this might be my “thing.”   And not just my bored thing.  This could be my real THING-thing!  It’s my construction paper epiphony.  I’m not going to quit my day job but I’m probably going to buy some more paint.

**** (pics taken a cell phone.  The colors would probably pop more if I scanned them).

© 2011 | Jaimies | All Rights Reserved


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