The Art of Optimism


Some days (like today) I wake up and realize I’m limited by my own mind.   As I go throughout my day I accomplish nothing.  Because I don’t see potential.  Why bother?  I will probably fail.  Why make the bed?  It’s going to get messy.  Why stick to my personal commitments?  1 coke doesn’t make a difference.  Why write?  Nobody reads.  Why try hard at work?  It’ll be the same work tommorow.

William DeWitt Hyde wrote The art of optimism as taught by Robert Browning.  It’s a 33 pg pick me up that doesn’t change my circumstances.  It just reaches down and realigns my thoughts like a mental chiropractor.  

Mr DeWitt Hyde (may he live in noble immortality) is hereby formally added to my short list of inspirational people for his positive 33pg contribution to my life.

Revised Short List:

1. Eric Carl, the artist. 
2. Ted Geisel, the poet. 
3. Walt Disney, the dreamer. 
4. Ginger Rogers, the beauty. 
5. Ebby Halliday, the visionary. 
6. Anna Wintour, the decision maker. 
7. William DeWitt Hyde, the optimist.


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