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Progress with adobe illustrator


Might not look like much.  It’s not even colored in.  But compared to where I was yesterday….  Leaps and bounds bay-bay.  Leaps.  And.  Friggin.  Bounds.


Jazz Lounge


I’ve been in the mood to do something downtown.  Bright lights, big city, bistro on the corner, speakeasy in the alley way, martinis and retro jazz music… something to wear a little black dress to and unwind.  

Gonzo found the perfect place downtown.


We had a ridiculous amount of fun.   The next day we lounged around the house and did nothing.  I tinkered around with the art kit.



(Acrylic Paint)

(Final Picture)

Cartoon: Bedtime prayers


This is the start of a project I’m working on for a family member.   It’s a children’s book centered around a conversation between a boy and God. 

My cartoon Jesus looks like Tommy Chong in a bathrobe and tevas.   It’s difficult to draw “god.”  So instead I’m going to use some digital tricks to simulate a voice from heaven and to do that I need the help of adobe illustrator.   I WILL master Adobe Illustrator.  I will.  I really will.  But this weekend I won’t.  This weekend I’m going to goof off and paint.  It’s a welcome break from vector graphics, picas, points and artboards. 

First: canvas (black marker on pencil).  I’m using the canson canva-paper.  The big ‘un (16×20). 

Second: COLOR (acrylic paint).  The saltine cracker box is a perfect size for paint brushes.  I have a fancy paintbrush storage container but I don’t use it.  I have a fancy paint mixer too but usually opt for  foam & wax lined disposable plates and clear bottomed tupperware.  Last night I thought this was my best work of all time.   In hindsight I realize, after sharing a few drinks with good friends I believe that about everything.

Last (and my fav part) FINAL INK!!!  Prismacolor black marker fine tip.  It seems to soak into the acrylic canvas and cover better than the wedge tip side or sharpie.   I tried a calligraphy pen just for the hell of it but that didn’t work out well.  The ink was awesome but the square tip was yekky.