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The Beauty of Good Posture


  • Socially: People who maintain good posture are perceived as more successful, respectful, competent, wealthy, responsible, dignified, confident, attractive and youthful than slouchers.  They are also more likely to receive promotions.
  • Physically: Good posture facilitates optimal organ/muscle function, decreased physical tension, a leaner appearance, fewer back problems, increased oxygen intake and a naturally flatter stomach (without good posture it’s impossible to have completely flat abs).
  • Economically: By being mindful of how you sit and stand you can double the life of your wardrobe and improve the fit of everything in your closet.   Clothing is designed to be worn with good posture.  When not worn properly an article of clothing will lose its intended shape after a few wears.

There’s a helpful guide to improving your posture on  It’s linked here.  (link will open as a new page)