WHY NOW?   “The executive brain doesn’t hit adult levels until the age of 25,” says Jay Giedd of the National Institute of Mental Health.  I’m pretty sure that’s true.  I’m 25. My brain wants to execute stuff.   It’s bored.  It’s sitting in my head thinking thoughts like “you should be more goal oriented” and “I know what sounds like fun… reading” and “finish those dishes and you can have a glass of wine” and “OOooooo they have plates at 8:30 on Wednesdays!”

Health Health is on everyone’s goal list.  It’s on mine too.  I’ve already joined a gym and started cooking at home AND I am enjoying it.  For the gravity of this to sink in 100% you have to know me.  Normal me is not a wake-up-at-7AM-eat-toast-and-jog.  Normal me likes funyuns & shock tarts.  And sleeping in.  Somewhere between 23 and 25 a switch was flipped.  And now… I donno… all of a sudden I’ve turned into a hybrid of my parents.  Coffee & toast the morning (mom) and a quick trip to the gym (dad) and my executive brain is happy.  I’m altogether pleased with this change.

Family The next biggest change has been my attitude toward family.  I noticed it first with my parents.  They went from being the last people on earth I’d ever share my personal life with to some of the first people I call for advice.  Then there’s how I view my husband.  He isn’t a boyfriend, someone to take to parties and kiss whenever I want.  He’s family, an extension of my family tree and one of the most important things in my life right now.  My goals include things like… having a baby… having a good home life… spending time with these people. 

Work The trick is, I can’t stay stagnant.  I have to keep striving for something.  The next step for me is undoubtedly marketing.  Most people would think sales management.  Nope.  I’d rather be covered in apple juice concentrate and eaten alive by ants.  But marketing… now that’s a next step I can strive toward.  Luckily my company is pretty liberal when it comes to marketing.  I can do as I please as long as it works and doesn’t cost a fortune.   So I’m going to work on marketing and do my best to show that it can produce sales.  Build a portfolio and either move up with my current company or with a different company.  Win win. 

Money Everyone wants to make money.  I hadn’t seriously considered the long-term ramifications of not having enough money in savings until recently.  Maybe 25 is too early to think about retirement.  BUT maybe not.  Because I’m hell-bent and determined to live to see my 100th birthday, buy a house, and have a baby, put that kid through college, and go on a few vacations with my husband in between.  Those are my goals.


Jazz Lounge


I’ve been in the mood to do something downtown.  Bright lights, big city, bistro on the corner, speakeasy in the alley way, martinis and retro jazz music… something to wear a little black dress to and unwind.  

Gonzo found the perfect place downtown.


We had a ridiculous amount of fun.   The next day we lounged around the house and did nothing.  I tinkered around with the art kit.



(Acrylic Paint)

(Final Picture)

Cartoon: Bedtime prayers


This is the start of a project I’m working on for a family member.   It’s a children’s book centered around a conversation between a boy and God. 

My cartoon Jesus looks like Tommy Chong in a bathrobe and tevas.   It’s difficult to draw “god.”  So instead I’m going to use some digital tricks to simulate a voice from heaven and to do that I need the help of adobe illustrator.   I WILL master Adobe Illustrator.  I will.  I really will.  But this weekend I won’t.  This weekend I’m going to goof off and paint.  It’s a welcome break from vector graphics, picas, points and artboards. 

First: canvas (black marker on pencil).  I’m using the canson canva-paper.  The big ‘un (16×20). 

Second: COLOR (acrylic paint).  The saltine cracker box is a perfect size for paint brushes.  I have a fancy paintbrush storage container but I don’t use it.  I have a fancy paint mixer too but usually opt for  foam & wax lined disposable plates and clear bottomed tupperware.  Last night I thought this was my best work of all time.   In hindsight I realize, after sharing a few drinks with good friends I believe that about everything.

Last (and my fav part) FINAL INK!!!  Prismacolor black marker fine tip.  It seems to soak into the acrylic canvas and cover better than the wedge tip side or sharpie.   I tried a calligraphy pen just for the hell of it but that didn’t work out well.  The ink was awesome but the square tip was yekky.



I’m getting really bad about procrastinating.  Lately the only thing I don’t put off is putting off something.    It’s noon.  Insted of taking care of my report due by midnight tomorrow or working on any of my other work I’m blogging.  If I had blogging on my to do list I’d probably skip it to work on my reports.  My to do list is becoming the place where goals go to die.  Why?  I don’t know. 

Procrastinators to-do list

  • Learn how to paint with adobe illustrator
  • Finish report for work
  • Finish presentation for work
  • Fold laundry in white hamper
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Wash car
  • Finish portfolio
  • schedule dentist appointment
  • Reorder Contacts
  • Look at butterflys
  • Make a fish face
  • Eat an unneccessary snack
  • Make a flower out of paperclips
  • Staple two post-it notes together
  • twirl in chair
  • Make list of things I’m going to do tomorrow
  • Fold list into paper airplane
  • Toss in trash
  • Design a more efficient paper airplane
  • Retoss
  • Play solitaire
  • Read horoscope
  • Cut snowflake out of copy paper

Tomorrow I will be more efficient.

The Art of Optimism


Some days (like today) I wake up and realize I’m limited by my own mind.   As I go throughout my day I accomplish nothing.  Because I don’t see potential.  Why bother?  I will probably fail.  Why make the bed?  It’s going to get messy.  Why stick to my personal commitments?  1 coke doesn’t make a difference.  Why write?  Nobody reads.  Why try hard at work?  It’ll be the same work tommorow.

William DeWitt Hyde wrote The art of optimism as taught by Robert Browning.  It’s a 33 pg pick me up that doesn’t change my circumstances.  It just reaches down and realigns my thoughts like a mental chiropractor.  

Mr DeWitt Hyde (may he live in noble immortality) is hereby formally added to my short list of inspirational people for his positive 33pg contribution to my life.

Revised Short List:

1. Eric Carl, the artist. 
2. Ted Geisel, the poet. 
3. Walt Disney, the dreamer. 
4. Ginger Rogers, the beauty. 
5. Ebby Halliday, the visionary. 
6. Anna Wintour, the decision maker. 
7. William DeWitt Hyde, the optimist.